Overall Mission

  • Post by Iron Snow Group
  • Dec 16, 2020

At the Iron Snow™ Group, we have an umbrella of organizations focused on three missions: a) creating new ideas at Iron Snow Technology, b) investing in new business ideas at Iron Snow Ventures and c) leading in social investing at the Iron Snow Foundation.

We have a breadth of experience from the last forty years of incredible change and look forward to helping you execute on your dreams.

  • Personal Computers. We were in the earliest efforts to democratize computing and bring a computer to every home and on every desk.
  • Mobile Phones. We invested in and ran companies that were at the heart of the mobile revolution around the world.
  • Internet of Things. We invested in and advised the companies that are putting intelligence into every device in the world.
  • Artificial Intelligence. Today, we are bringing Software 2.0 to every discipline from computer vision to autonomy to natural language understanding.